Going green has long had the stigma of high investment and low return, especially where companies are concerned. However, in recent years, eco-friendly innovations and a bigger push for sustainability meant that making your business greener brings numerous benefits, profit included.

Being more environmentally conscious is highly rooted in lowering waste, which can save your company money, not to mention the loans, grants and other funds you can apply to by reviving your brand image into a more sustainable one. At the same time, more legislation is being pushed through daily to encourage businesses to go green: by anticipating changes you avoid future charges that will undoubtedly come at a higher cost as others take advantage of changing rules.

We’ve put together a list of 5 simple tips on how to make your business eco-friendly you can implement today, starting with number 1: mailing lists.

1. Mailing Lists

The simplest way to go greener is so obvious most don’t even think about it: mailing lists. Did you know that the distribution of letter mail by the posts generates an average of 20 grams of CO2 per letter? 

By removing your business from any unimportant and unnecessary mailing lists you automatically make a dent in your carbon footprint. At the same time, you should take a moment to review your own mailing lists. Sending out mail is costing you resources and money, and if you are sending it out to companies you haven’t worked with in years, that is hitting both your wallet and the planet. And this is just the first of many ways to make your business more sustainable. Take a look at our other tips.

2. Energy Efficient Windows

By preventing heat from escaping through windows you can manage interior building temperatures more easily and rely less on other sources of heat. Though you can purchase low-emissivity glass, this would imply significant costs in terms of installation so the best options are blinds or shades, architectural glass and window film.

Heat blocking window shades and blackout panel blinds can serve as a temporary solution to block sunlight but lack the lifespan of window film (3-5 years) and do not present a year-round solution. They are also designed to stop light not heat, the same way external window shading does.

Covering windows with mirror or reflective window film is an alternative for solar control, and privacy as well. Although this helps retain interior cooling in the summer and interior heat in winter, it also causes reflections of sky or vegetation in the glass, which impact wildlife negatively by leading to bird crashes into windows By installing bird-friendly glass you are reaping all the temperature benefits whilst also being more wildlife-friendly. 

Contra Vision’s Perforated window film is another avian-friendly material that adds manifestation to glass, making transparent surfaces more visible to birds flying at full speed. At the same time, it still provides significant energy performance benefits.

3. Switch to Energy-Saving Technology

Switching to a green energy supplier is yet another simple way to make your business more eco-friendly. There are several UK energy suppliers today who provide electricity from renewable sources and can guarantee your electricity or gas is generated from 100 per cent renewable energy at all times. 

If you cannot make this transition in your place at present time, there are plenty of ingenious tech features you can install that are both easy and affordable. Installing basic motion sensors in rooms that are empty for long amounts of time, smart energy and water meters to identify areas of waste and how you can reduce them.

4. Establishing A Wildlife Pond Or Wildflower Meadows

Another option of how to make your business greener is to create a peaceful area for colleagues and wildlife. A wildlife garden at work presents countless opportunities to relieve stress, improve focus, attention and moods, increase productivity and bring people together while encouraging a connection to nature.

Restricted on your outdoor space? Chat with other businesses in the area: they might have considered this opportunity before and are willing to come together to find a communal space that works for all. 

5. Fundraise For Your Local Wildlife Trust

If you are limited on how many changes you can make in the workplace, a way to make your business greener is to rally up your colleagues and the community for charitable action. Not only is it a great team-building exercise, but it can also generate a better brand image.

There you have it, 5 simple tips on how to make your business eco friendly. Take a look at the Contra Vision blog for more industry news.

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