It has been a few years since Contra Vision last exhibited at Globalshop so the team was excited to have a booth at this year’s show in Chicago.  As always, we were amazed at the size of the floorspace and the breadth of what was being promoted, everything from the latest solutions for cashless payments and RFID to shop mannequins and artificial vegetation for “mood manipulation” inside stores.

Our main focus was promoting Performance HD White on Black for advertising and branding on retail windows, targeting retailers, brands and marketing/design agencies who were in attendance. We were very proud of our stand design which was made to look like a storefront with Contra Vision wraps on 4 windows.

The graphics on each window were carefully chosen to represent four retail sectors where there is a great opportunity for Performance HD White on Black: fashion, grocery, pharmacy and opticians. The revolutionary 1mm diameter perforations of our new product help deliver enhanced high definition graphics and the ability to use smaller font sizes, making one-way vision window displays an attractive proposition like never before.

The team consisted of Pat Henrietta who has been associated with Contra Vision for 30 years, Eric Bartosz, Roger Hill the company CEO, with a special visit from Roland Hill the company founder and inventor of the product we love.  It was a busy week but we still found time for a visit to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play our home town team the Atlanta Braves!

It was great to speak with some of the “end-customers” who are specifying and ordering Contra Vision, to understand what they like about our product. We were surprised by the number of people who asked about heat gain and UV reduction in stores and how important this is to retailers.  Brands and retailers were also very interested in how easy it is to apply perforated vinyl posters across a wide estate of locations. Unlike non-perforated posters which require a degree of expertise to install, anyone can install Contra Vision posters with minimal risk of something going wrong.

Globalshop Chicago Visual Merchandising