Communicate key messages to the public, while keeping your staff safe.

Contra Vision one-way vision film is the ideal material to communicate messages to the general public at the point of contact, while keeping staff safely behind ‘sneeze guards’. These guards can be used in supermarkets, banks and doctors surgeries.

The perforations in the Contra Vision film allow the operators to have full vision through all areas of the sneeze guard, while allowing the communication of key messages to member of the public. The plastic barrier between remains solid.

Contra Vision can be used on any clear partition where messaging is important, but where you do not want to restrict vision from the other side.

Contra Vision can be used to communicate information including:

  • New store opening hours
  • Information re social distancing and how to queue
  • Health and safety advice including washing hands
  • How to pay, including contactless payments

It can be fitted during manufacture of the sneeze guards or retrospectively once the sneeze guard is installed. Updated and new messages can be easily be applied and removed/replaced by store staff.

The use of sneeze guards is particularly relevant with the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), helping to keep both key workers and the public safe.

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