A collection of portraits which lined a street in Peckham (UK) for almost ten years, and became one of London’s longest running public art installations, has returned to the town – to mark black history month.

The original collection featured 30 portraits of inspiring Black-British actors captured by award winning photographer Franklyn Rodgers and were originally digitally displayed at the National Portrait Gallery. They then made their way to hoardings on Peckham Hill Street and Commercial Way where they became an established fixture in the area until they were moved to PeckhamPlex in 2017, to make way for Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

In celebration of the overwhelming community response to the original exhibition a new collection of UNDEREXPOSED portraits is now on display at new Mountview Academy of Theatre Art. This time instead of being displayed on hoardings the portraits adorn the windows of the Academy.

Working alongside UNDEREXPOSED ARTS and Standard 8 it was recommended that our latest innovation, Performance HD would be the most suitable perforated window film for printing the highly detailed portraits onto.

Using a standard 40% transparency would have resulted in the fine facial details being lost. With Performance HD the smaller holes allowed for every facial detail, right down to fine facial hair, to be visible and more importantly by using Contra Vision perforated window film the pupils inside have a uninterrupted view out!

Contra Vision are proud to sponsor UNDEREXPOSED: The Next Generation.

Further information about the project can be found below: