The Contra Vision team had the pleasure of exhibiting at the International Sign Expo 2022 in Atlanta in April. This is the first expo that Contra Vision have exhibited at in a few years, so we were raring to catch up with old friends while showing off our latest products and innovations.

One of the products we were most eager to exhibit was our Black Perforated Film for dual-color backlit signage. This black perforated film is applied to the outside surface of the built-up channel letters and during the day, when it is not backlit, the sign appears black. When the sign is backlit at night, it takes on the color of the translucent sign face used.

We recommend this product for use on medium-term, large-scale backlit external signage where close viewing is not required. Check out the video of our sales executive, Emily Huynh, giving you the lowdown on the features and benefits of Contra Vision Black Perforated Film right from our booth at ISA.

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At the end of May into June, the team were delighted to catch up with our European friends at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2022. The event took place in the beautiful capital city of Berlin this year, so Contra Vision took the opportunity to exhibit our latest products and innovations to our European customers.

Dual-color was also exhibited at FESPA as well as our EXCLUSIVE HD range of perforated window films. These films feature 1mm diameter holes, which are 60% smaller in area than standard one-way vision products. This break-through micro perforated window film featuring the world’s smallest-ever perforations, delivers minimal disruption to the graphics, produces stunning images to one side and from the other the smoothest see-through compared to any other perforated window films available.

Overall, both the team at ISA and at FESPA had a fantastic time attending exhibitions again after so long away from big events such as this and we look forward to the next opportunity to show off all the great innovations Contra Vision has to offer.