Window Wrap | Vitrine Gallery

LOCATIONBermondsey Square, London, England
MATERIAL USEDPerformance Translucent White

The Challenge

Whether you are looking to increase branding, draw attention to your retail unit or highlight a current marketing campaign, window space can be an extremely effective medium. Cost efficient and highly targeted see-through perforated vinyl window graphics are versatile and ensure that your message is seen. Using Contra Vision® see-through window graphics takes away the negatives of using solid graphics, maintains image quality but will not block light coming into the store or spoil the view out.

The Solution

This installation in Bermondsey Square, London, included a multi-media approach to promotion combining graphics, animations and product display. The window graphics dominate the Square and utilise additional glazing at the back of the unit to increase awareness and drive footfall.

Adham Faramawy, who developed the multi-media installation commented “I could not be more thrilled with the Contra Vision® material, it enabled me to use scale and location to ensure the promotion was a success”.

Contra Vision offers the largest range of see-through window graphics on the market. We are therefore confident we can help you to harness the potential value in your retail glazing, to create truly impactful promotional graphics.

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