Window Graphics | Van Duinkerken Sport & Kamperen

CLIENTPrinthouse, for Van Duinkerken Sport & Kamperen
LOCATIONVan Duinkerken: Sport & Kamperen, Netherlands
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

Van Duinkerken Sport & Kamperen had deliberately chosen a new building that would offer a significant amount of natural daylight as their products are all designed for outdoor use. Contra Vision® perforated window film was chosen for vibrant promotional graphics to ensure the new camping store could be noticed from the busy highway by potential customers.

The unique one-way characteristics of perforated window film allow designers to create stunning effects on glass without losing the valuable daylight coming into the building or a view out for those inside. Jeroen van Dortmont, from Pixia, said: “The 40% perforation was chosen to have a good balance between view out of the building and the visual impact towards the highway”.

The window graphics will be there for a period 3-5 years. It was printed on Performance White on Black in 40% transparency with a Universal liner and laminated with Optical Clear (Cast-PVC) by “Van der Pol”. All those involved were very satisfied with the result, particularly as Jeroen van Dortmont from Pixia, our distributor in The Netherlands, supplied the rolls personally at 21.30 in the evening, to catch the printing deadline.

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