Window Graphics | Van Duinkerken Sport & Kamperen

CLIENTPrinthouse, for Van Duinkerken Sport & Kamperen
LOCATIONVan Duinkerken: Sport & Kamperen, Netherlands
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

Van Duinkerken Sport & Kamperen had deliberately chosen a new building that would offer a significant amount of natural daylight as their products are all designed for outdoor use. Contra Vision® perforated window film was chosen for vibrant promotional graphics to ensure the new camping store could be noticed from the busy highway by potential customers.

The unique one-way characteristics of perforated window film allow designers to create stunning effects on glass without losing the valuable daylight coming into the building or a view out for those inside. Contra Vision’s European Sales Manager, Martin van Golen40% transparency was chosen for this installation as it gives a good balance between view out of the building and the visual impact towards the highway.

The window graphics will be there for a period 3-5 years. It was printed on Performance White on Black in 40% transparency with a Universal liner and laminated with Optical Clear (Cast-PVC) by “Van der Pol”.

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