Window Graphics | The May Fair Hotel, London

CLIENTRose Design/With Print
LOCATIONMay Fair Hotel, London, England
MATERIAL USEDCampaign White on Black

The Challenge

Rose Design collaborated with WithPrint to develop a marketing campaign to promote the Cristóbal Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A Museum. One of their ideas was to cover the windows of the prestigious May Fair Hotel, London with promotional graphics.

Develop a marketing campaign to promote the exhibition at the V&A Museum, and worked with WithPrint, Somerset, to offer various ideas including covering the windows of the prestigious May Fair Hotel, London. It was important that the experience of the guests in the hotel were not disrupted and that their views into the street were not drastically affected by the window graphics. The hotel was also keen to keep the exterior windows clean and avoid covering the whole panes of glass.

The Solution

Campaign White on Black in 40% transparency was chosen as the best product to satisfy these requirements. From the inventors of see-through window graphics, the innovative one-way vision characteristics of Contra Vision® enable detailed images to be applied to any clear glass surface without negatively impacting the internal environment.

Talking about the application in more detail, Alan Smith of WithPrint commented, “The design features intricate dresses that were produced on our large format UV printer. They were then shape-cut and carefully packed. As Contra Vision® perforated window film is applied dry to the windows, it helped us move quickly and install the graphics with minimal disruption to the hotel, their staff and of course most importantly the guests.”

On completion the hotel staff commented that the graphics ‘Looked amazing” and “it was almost as if the dresses were on display in real life.” They also had several guests admiring the graphics and asking about the exhibition during the install process.

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