Sky Bridge | Milwaukee Bucks

CLIENTMandel Graphic Solutions for the Milwaukee Bucks
LOCATIONMilwaukee River bridge
MATERIAL USEDPerformance Clear

The Challenge

The Milwaukee Bucks made it to the NBA playoffs and the city pulled out all the stops to celebrate. Along with turning the Milwaukee River bright green they wanted to let anyone visiting the city know that something big was going on.

A Contra Vision window film installation across one of the bridges encouraged sports fans to #FearTheDeer.

A landmark sized installation on one of the major bridges across a bright green river is a great idea, unless of course the graphics restrict the view for those using the bridge or make crossing it a claustrophobic experience.

The Solution

This is where Contra Vision offered the ideal solution.

By using Performance Clear in a 30% transparency, Mandel Graphic Solutions were able to easily and more importantly safely apply the window graphics on the inside face of the glass. Once applied pedestrians who crossed the bridge were able to take in the fantastic view of the city together with the bright green water below. Those on adjacent bridges and buildings were treated to the eye catching #FearTheDeer campaign.

When the game was over and it was time for the graphics to come down, removal was quick and clean thanks to Contra Vision’s specialist adhesive formulation.

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