Retail Windows | The Cycle Shop

CLIENTAll Signs for The Cycle Shop
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Challenge

Looking to maximize the impact of their location and stand out in a busy location, The Cycle Shop discussed possible creative signage opportunities with All Signs in Bristol. The large first floor windows were a valuable source of light and space within the store, but they needed to do more.

All Signs, Bristol recommended Contra Vision® perforated window film as they knew it enabled The Cycle Shop to maximize the size of the window graphics at the front of the store without sacrificing valuable daylight and a feeling of the outdoors for customers and staff inside the store.

The Solution

Many retail outlets have additional windows on other floors or around the side of the buildings that are not being harnessed as effectively as they could be. The unique qualities of Contra Vision® make the use of additional glazing so easy and the material is offered in a wide range of options making it suitable for almost every location.

This window film installation used Performance White on Black in 40% transparency and the results are really worth a look.

This result is a great use of space, design and material. Kevin Willis, speaking on behalf of All Signs Bristol commented, “The client loves it. In this instance we helped advise on all material elements throughout the store and it was our suggestion of using your product because we knew how great it would look.”

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