Retail Window Promotion | 404 Store Not Found

CLIENTBeyond Printing for Visible
LOCATIONMultiple locations in the USA
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Challenge

If you’re visiting Chicago, Boston, NYC, Seattle, Philadelphia or Denver you may have seen some bright blue store fronts stating ‘404 store not found’. This retail window promotion was done by US cell phone service provider Visible (a Verizon owned start-up company).

We are all familiar with the ‘404’ error code when searching for web pages that can’t be found, well the same goes for Visible’s stores – they do not exist!!

They have no visible locations. They are invisible.

The Solution

Even though these pop-up stores are not occupied their impact on passers-by has been incredible. Contra Vision Performance White on Black has been used on the glazing to ensure if there are people inside, they still have a perfect view to the outside world.

Contra Vision® perforated window film is the ideal product for vacant retail units. On the outside you can apply promotional graphics showing how the unit could look if occupied, but at the same time maintaining a clear view out. Refurbishment work and shopfitting can continue the inside unnoticed, but natural light can still flood in to help the trades continue with their work.

We offer an unrivaled range of transparency options, but for an application such as this we recommend our 20% material.

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