Retail Window | Umberto Giannini

CLIENTService Graphics for Umberto Giannini’s salon at Harvey Nichols
LOCATIONHarvey Nichols, Manchester, England
MATERIAL USEDPerformance Clear

The Challenge

Umberto Giannini’s Salon at Harvey Nichols is a favorite for celebrities, but the first-floor location meant it wasn’t easy to promote a new salon opening to a wider audience. Service Graphics wanted to produce striking promotional graphics of glossy haired models which are visible for 24 hours a day to showcase the new salon.

The Solution

The product they chose for this job was Performance Clear in 30% transparency, which was applied internally. As the photographs demonstrate the impact at street-level was clearly achieved with the added benefit that the images are seen both day and night. This was due to only printing a layer of white ink after the image.

Harvey Nichols is now one of several Manchester landmarks which use our material to create eye-catching promotional graphics.

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