Window Wrap | Commercial Real-Estate | Empty Retail Units

LOCATIONThe King's Road, London

The Challenge

CBRE is the world’s leading commercial property and real estate services adviser. As a result, they often have vacant commercial property units that they want to make as attractive as possible to potential landlords and tenants.

Contra Vision’s retail window graphics enable landlords and letting agents to transform the exterior of empty retail units while maintaining light levels and the outside view, allowing potential tenants to fully appreciate the location. The use of one-way window film provides endless creative options when transforming glass-fronted retail units.

The Solution

When a prime location on The King’s Road, London, needed to be brought to the attention of potential retailers, in as eye-catching and attractive a way as possible, CBRE created a stunning scene of a woodland of bluebells. This application was applied to the inside of the glass protecting it from vandalism, dirt or damage. In addition to the obvious benefit of protecting the graphics for longer, applying the Contra Vision® to the inside of the glass is often easier and less dependent on local planning restrictions.

Another example, also by CBRE, looked to highlight several retail units in a new development that would hopefully entice potential investors. The self-adhesive window film was applied to the outside of the window in this instance as this creates the greatest image impact for the retail window graphics. Contra Vision® applied to the external face is more typical particularly for short term installations. An optically clear overlaminate can be applied over the top of the Contra Vision® to protect the graphics from vandalism, dirt or damage.

Octink completed both window film installations successfully after reviewing the location and the context of the surrounding environments. There is no doubt that the use of Contra Vision® perforated window film in these two examples is much more attractive than seeing a dark empty space or the last tenant’s mail.

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