Seasonal Graphics | London Heathrow

CLIENTOasis Graphics for Heathrow Airport
LOCATIONThe Queen's terminal, Heathrow Airport, London, England
MATERIAL USEDPerformance Translucent White

The Challenge

When the festive season was fast approaching, Christmas lights were soon bringing their familiar sparkle to all manner of locations. In this large scale example, the unique capabilities of Performance Translucent White ensured that Heathrow Airport could literally take their Christmas Tree and it’s interactive fairy lights to a new level. The stunning installation at Heathrow’s newest terminal – Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal, created London’s largest interactive Christmas tree.

This product ensured that even with extensive glazing and strong artificial lighting, the majestic tree towered above the concourse and could be enjoyed by passengers and staff alike. Performance Translucent White is a one-way window film that works at night or in brightly lit environments where traditional see-through window graphics often struggle to provide enough image strength. Working with Fisher Productions, Heathrow created and installed a giant see-through vinyl Christmas tree, over 90ft tall in the covered courtyard of Terminal 2.

The Solution

The tree has a vintage feel, reminiscent of the Christmas trees the Queen would have enjoyed as a child, topped with a replica of her iconic coronation crown. Printed by Oasis Graphics, the tree is covered with garlands of lights that can be triggered to flash and dance by passengers who tweet Christmas greetings with the hashtag #T2Christmas.

Normand Boivin, Heathrow’s COO said: “Launching the Terminal 2 Christmas Tree with the first tweet was brilliant fun. It is a fantastic piece of technology and really adds a festive touch to the terminal. We’re certain our passengers will enjoy taking part in lighting up the tree and look forward to hearing their thoughts through Twitter.”

Watch the tree going up for yourself

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