Privacy and Branding | Eastern Connecticut State University

CLIENTMerrit Big Color for Eastern Connecticut State University
LOCATIONConnecticut, United States
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Challenge

Working with Merritt Big Color, A National Sign Co. of East Hartford, CT, Eastern Connecticut State University was looking to apply promotional graphics on the blank canvas of their windows to show support for the establishment’s sports teams, the “Warriors”.

The window graphics were installed near the centerpiece of the college. Not only was this to inspire their students but, since the glass was located facing south west, the College was hoping to reduce the intense glare inside the lobby space.

The Solution

As this was a long-term corporate identity project, Performance White on Black one-way perforated window film was the perfect choice taken by Merritt Big Color. It offers the potential for a high-quality print, easy and durable installation, but also the minimization of glare and solar heat gain in the lobby area.

Performance White on Black in 20% transparency with matching Contra Vision PVC overlaminate was selected to provide graphics with the highest impact. All the Contra Vision graphics were printed on an HP Latex 3600 and material was supplied by Lindenmeyr Monroe.

In December 2019, USA President Donald Trump signed the STOP School Violence Act, a $125 million school safety bill which provides funding grants to schools to be used for implementing security measures.

Since this legislation was first announced, there has been an increased awareness of how perforated window film can be used as a safety measure against the increased threat of school shootings.

The one-way vision qualities of Contra Vision perforated vinyl mean that if the film were applied to classroom windows in schools, students and teachers would be able to see out towards where the shooter is but they wouldn’t be able to see in to the school, dissuading them from entering the building.

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