Privacy and Branding | Boston Red Sox

CLIENTAlbert Basse Associates Inc. for The Bleacher Bar
LOCATIONFenway Park, Boston, USA
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

Red Sox fans may already be familiar with the “Green Monstah” but for those who are not, it is the nickname for the 37-foot-tall left field wall at Fenway Park. The original purpose of the wall was to block external viewers and reduce “cheap” home runs due to the proximity to the home plate, it still serves these purposes but within the wall is the floor to ceiling window of the Bleacher Bar.

The Challenge

From this bar, patrons can get a field-level view of the game, but this can create a visual distraction for the players. Clearly there was a need for a one-way vision solution and since the Bleacher Bar’s owners approached Albert Basse Associates, Inc in 2008 the answer has been to use Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film.

The Solution

As they have done in previous years, ABA selected Contra Vision® Performance™ White on Black perforated window film in 40% transparency which provides a perfect balance between image impact and a smoother, less obstructive view out.

Typically, this installation would take place during the frigid month of March but this year it was done in ninety-five-degree weather. Luckily, an additional benefit of using Contra Vision®, along with ease of application, is that it can withstand both high and low temperatures.

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