Instant Privacy | Switchable Smart Film

CLIENTProtective Film Solutions
MATERIAL USEDSwitchable Smart Film

The Challenge

Contra Vision has a wide range of products suitable for any window graphic project and today I would like to share with you one of our specialist products; Contra Vision® Switchable Smart Film™, as we think it’s pretty special.

This film offers instant window privacy with just the push of a button. The product consists of a layer of liquid crystals sandwiched between a transparent protective film. When switched on, the liquid crystals align in one direction and make the glass transparent. When switched off, the crystals re-orientate and make the glass opaque.

The Solution

There are many possible applications for this spectacular privacy window film, such as in office spaces. Switchable is a very handy product for the workplace as it provides instant privacy when needed to create discreet working and meeting spaces.

It is also an ideal product to use in healthcare settings as it is easy to clean by using low pressure compressed air and a soft cleaning brush or soft IPA wipes. This makes the product more hygienic than traditional blinds or curtains while providing privacy.

This product can be used in the home so the owner can enhance the privacy of the windows, conservatories and shower screens while allowing light in and maintaining the view out. The product also has a quirkier use in museums, exhibitions, and other product displays. By coupling Switchable with a motion sensor, grand reveals of artwork and products can be created.

This product is currently only available in the UK and Ireland from our Exclusive Distributor and installer, Protective Film Solutions®.

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