High Definition Window Graphics for Reece Supply Company

CLIENTReece Supply Company
LOCATIONAtlanta, Georgia
MATERIAL USEDPerformance HD White on Black / Performance White on Black

The Challenge

In November 2020, Reece Supply Company who are a sign, screen printing and digital imaging supplier based in North America decided to co-brand their Atlanta, Georgia headquarters with standard and high-definition perforated window film so visitors can see the visible difference between the products.

The Solution

Contra Vision® Performance White on Black and Performance HD White on Black are both 40% transparency perforated window films that should be applied to the outside of window. The window graphics pictured were printed and installed by Jason Welch, Accounts Manager for Reece Supply.

Performance HD White on Black, winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2020, features 1mm diameter holes are 60% smaller in area than the perforations on Performance White on Black. This break-through micro perforated window film delivers the clearest and sharpest window graphics including small type and vivid color textures.

Along with delivering the clearest and sharpest images to one side there is a noticeably improved see-through compared to standard perforated window film, as you can see in the inside view images from Reece Supply Company.

The perforations are so small that they cannot be seen from as little as 1.5 meters from the window compared with 3.5 meters for standard perforated vinyl, this makes HD ideal for workplaces because as employees will have a clear and smooth view out.

High-definition technology is also available in Performance HD Clear which is an inside applied micro-perforated window film. This material is ideal to use in situations where you want the image quality and smooth view-through that Performance HD White on Black provides but fitting graphics externally makes the installation tricky or you want to protect the graphics from vandalism and dirt.

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