Safety never stops | GO Transit bus wrap

Go Transit HD WB Canada
Transit Advertising
CLIENTGet Wrapped for Metrolinx
LOCATIONOntario, Canada
MATERIAL USEDPerformance HD White on Black

In November 2020, Metrolinx launched a campaign for their GO Transit buses in Ontario, Canada which set out to make customers feel safer on public transport following a reduction in passengers amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Challenge 

To put across this message, they wanted four of their GO transit buses to be wrapped with graphics which would make the buses look see-through and would say, “Clean from the inside out. Safety never stops.” 

Vehicle and Building Wrap companyGet Wrapped, who have been using Contra Vision products for the last 10 years, wanted a product to use on the windows of the bus that would look fantastic up-close – both the graphic side and the see-through side. 

The Solution 

They chose to use Contra Vision Performance HD™ White on Black which is a 40% transparency film featuring micro-perforations, creating the most vibrant graphics and the smoothest see-through on the market. 

Get Wrapped have named this particular product as their favorite from Contra Vision because it prints beautifully, they like the see-through vision from inside even from extreme angles and they particularly like how graphics printed on it look on vehicle wraps. 

An additional benefit of Performance HD™ White on Black is that it has a durability of 3+ years on window which makes it ideal for this project as Metrolinx want to have these graphics on their buses for at least a year. 

You can see this project coming to life for yourself in this video from Go Transit:

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