Glass Partitions | Newcastle University

CLIENTNewcastle University
LOCATIONNewcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Challenge

As part of the extensive investment and development of Newcastle University, the internal corridors were transformed using Performance White on Black. The unique capabilities of Contra Vision® see-through window graphics make it possible to have an image on one side of the glass while remaining see-through on the other. This meant that the people in the classrooms could see activity in the corridors but not the other way around.

The Solution

In this instance, relevant images were applied to the glazing panels and doors to provide an impactful interior display that also ensured adequate privacy for the classrooms behind, without losing valuable daylight.

Contra Vision offers a range of products for internal partitions depending on their location and the design effect you are looking to achieve.

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