Entrance Graphics | Aviva Stadium

CLIENTThe Irish Rugby Football Union
LOCATIONAviva Stadium, Dublin
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Challenge

In any sporting venue there is a constant challenge to balance the needs of corporate branding and sponsors with the desire for a light, open environment and undisturbed sight-lines. Heineken’s sponsorship of the Premiership Rugby Heineken Cup at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin was no different. They wanted to make the most of every branding opportunity and area of potential visual communication and Contra Vision® perforated window film worked seamlessly with the extensive glazing opportunities in the stunning Aviva Stadium.

The Solution

Heineken sought to introduce areas that would showcase their sponsorship and Contra Vision® was the only possible solution on everything from VIP entrances on the outside of the building and sight screens situated throughout the ground.

We recommended, Performance White on Black in 50% transparency for the entrance doors and sight-screens. Installing Contra Vision® unlocks the hidden value of existing glazing for potential sponsors and supporter communication.

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