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Contra Vision perforated window films not only beautify and advertise empty retail units on the outside, but also help with leasing and refitting on the inside.

The Challenge

Strip malls and shopping centers have certainly taken a hit over the past few years and even more so in the past 12 months. Shopping habits have moved online, and many units have closed, become vacant and in some cases abandoned. Fixtures and all.

Closed premises can often have a detrimental effect of the attractiveness of nearby businesses and to potential customers. Realtors are looking at many ways that these vacant retail and food outlets can be redefined, even if it’s only temporary.

Installing graphics on the windows of empty units are one of the ways realtors can entice potential customers to view available spaces but solid vinyl graphics would make it dark inside the unit. This prevents tenants from seeing the space in natural light. This is where Contra Vision perforated window film comes in, this gives the opportunity for a printed image from the outside while letting in natural light and providing a view-through from the inside.

The Solution

Whether the space is for lease, sale or is undertaking renovation work, the use of Contra Vision perforated window film provides endless creative options when temporarily transforming glass-fronted units.

Window graphics can advertise the availability of the unit or merely state that a ‘transformation is underway’. This is ideal for potential tenants as they are able to fully appreciate the location as using perforated window film allows an uninterrupted view out. Visible construction work can also be hidden from the outside view whilst still allowing natural light into the premises aiding the construction workers.

Contra Vision offers the widest range of transparencies to balance the impact of the graphics and the level of light and through vision:

  • Our 80/20 is a great option giving the strongest image impact while still maintaining light & through vision.
  • Our exclusive HD product allows for even the finest details to be visible of your window graphics so small type won’t be lost using Performance HD products.
  • Clear perforated films are ideal if graphics have to be applied internally. They also have the added benefit of being protected from vandalism, dirt or damage and in addition to the obvious benefit of protecting the graphics, applying to the inside of the glass is often easier and less dependent on local planning/ zoning restrictions.

As these types of graphics are often short lived our range of self-adhesive perforated films can be removed quickly and cleanly with minimal tearing and adhesive residue.

Do you need help choosing the right Contra Vision® product for your next project? Then order your free Product Selector today, you’ll quickly find the ideal product for your project, be it short-term or long-term, outside or inside application and you can select the perfect option for level of image impact and transparency. Next time you have a project that could use perforated window film, just reach for this invaluable source of information.

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