De Museumfabriek | Transit Advertising Graphics

CLIENTDe Museumfabriek / Moving Advertising BV
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Challenge

Museums, like many other types of businesses in the hospitality industry, have greatly suffered this last year from not being able to welcome visitors. De Museumfabriek is a museum in Enschede, Twente, in the Netherlands and is located partly in a renovated Jannink textile factory.

Now that many restrictions have been lifted, public venues have been able to re-open and are looking for ways to encourage visitors once again. Therefore, De Museumfabriek wanted some window graphics created to advertise the exhibitions they have on display at the museum and entice people to visit.

The Solution

PPP Nederland worked with Moving Advertising BV to create six different window graphics. These window graphics were printed on to Contra Vision Performance White on Black perforated window film in 20% transparency and then applied to bus rears. PPP used a HP 3600 latex printer to print on the one-way vision material.

The benefits of using perforated window film for transit advertising is that it allows for an eye-catching message to be printed on one side whilst maintaining a clear view out for passengers from the other side. Putting advertising graphics on a bus also essentially make it a moving billboard, commanding attention through movement.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of transit applications and the history of this advertising medium, we have created a brand-new section of our website dedicated to transit.

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