Covid-19 Safety Signage

CLIENTTate Liverpool
LOCATIONRoyal Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK
MATERIAL USEDPerformance HD White on Black

The Challenge

Following the lockdown that occurred in many countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses everywhere have been required to display clear safety signage around their business to ensure customers are adhering to safety and social distancing guidelines. For example, the Tate Liverpool have been using Contra Vision® Performance HD™ White on Black for their window graphics for some time now but recently they have been using it for the purpose of safety signage.

The Solution

Contra Vision perforated window film is an ideal solution for safety signage because of its unique features and benefits. Window perf is designed to be printed on one side, enabling key health and safety messages to be clearly conveyed to members of the public. The other side is left unprinted and the perforations in the film allow workers to see through the material and have a clear view of customers.

These qualities are particularly useful in applications to entrance doors, where the ability to ‘see through’ the posters reduces the chance of people coming into close contact with each other. Perforated window film is also suited to other Covid-19 related applications such as hygiene screens, foyer windows in supermarkets, at drive-through windows and on cart corrals.

Contra Vision® Performance HD™ White on Black is recommended for safety signage as it is the best printable one-way vision window film to use for closely viewed applications. While standard perforated films can make small text difficult to read, our exclusive HD range of films ensures even the smallest details are still clearly legibly. This is because the perforations are 70% smaller than in standard perforated window films.

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