Commercial Real Estate | Place Bell

CLIENTOptimum Graphiques for Harden Commercial Real Estate
LOCATIONPlace Bell, Laval
MATERIAL USEDCampaign White on Black

Harden Commercial Real Estate is the company responsible for ensuring that the new $200 million Place Bell multi-function arena in Laval, Quebec has the optimum mix of retailers, restaurants and services in place.

The Challenge

In addition to their standard marketing activity, they were keen to utilize the huge glass exterior of the arena for promotional graphics that would attract retailers into renting the space, without negatively impacting the interior environment.

Optimum Graphiques in Laval was briefed to transform the giant glass exterior into an effective billboard promoting the retail space. The media was provided by ND Graphics, Inc. and enabled them to print their eye-catching promotional graphics onto Contra Vision® perforated window film. The see-through promotional graphics mean that whole window can be utilized while light inside the retail units and the view-out are protected. Maintaining the daylight and a view of the exterior beyond the window help to sell the retail space by allowing any prospective customers to appreciate the real-life atmosphere of the space.

The Solution

Contra Vision® was used in this instance because of its one-way capability and enviable reputation for reliability not just in print and application terms but particularly for the quick and clean removal once the promotional graphics have done their job and the space is let.

The team chose Campaign White on Black in 50% transparency as its monomeric construction is ideal for short-term applications and the corresponding price point only adds to its appeal.

Watch the installation take shape.

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