Bus Branding | The University Medical Center Utrecht

CLIENTPPP Nederlands and Triple Media
LOCATIONUtrecht, Netherlands
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Challenge

The University Medical Center Utrecht, which is the main hospital in the city of Utrecht and one of the most well-known medical institutes in the Netherlands, wished to promote its work. The hospital wanted to create bus wraps to carry their message to the public.

The Solution

PPP Nederland and Triple Media, printers and space advertisers who serve both Belgian and Dutch markets, chose to use Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film to cover the bus windows. With this film window graphics were able to be printed to create a seamless vehicle wrap. The additional benefits are through-vision for passengers, a reduction in solar glare and a material which is proven to withstand extremes of temperature.

PPP and Triple Media have been “Contra Visionaries” for many years, with a project to wrap a passenger ferry crossing Rotterdam Harbour winning a prize in a Contra Vision® International Wrap Artists™ Competition that took place in 2011.

Belgium and the Netherlands have led the market in Europe in bus wraps, trams, trains, and other vehicle wraps, proving the benefits of using our materials to create eye-catching and innovative campaigns.

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