Building Wrap | Rugby World Cup

CLIENTOmnigraphics for KPMG and Auckland Tourism
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Challenge

Omnigraphics, a specialist digital print business, was tasked by their clients, KPMG and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic development to provide promotional graphics relating to the Rugby World Cup.

KPMG’s ‘Passionate Partner’ campaign was designed to reflect their role as partners of the event. KPMG’s agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, asked Omnigraphics to develop a print solution reflective of the scale of the event and the values of KPMG.

The Solution

Due to the building’s scale (comprised of 476 individual panels, 32.5 metres across and 16.5 metres high) the exterior window film installation was done by a team of abseilers. All parties were delighted with the result.

The promotional graphics for Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development were even more ambitious. At 53m x 23m, they were the largest seen in New Zealand. The strapline it carried, “The World’s Here to Play”, was the essence of a campaign made even more compelling by its location.

Both building wraps were printed onto Performance White on Black in 30% transparency and reflected the country’s pride at hosting the memorable event.

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