Bruntwood Cornerblock | Empty Office Unit

CLIENTAstra Signs
LOCATIONBirmingham, UK
MATERIAL USEDCampaign White on Black

The Challenge

Bruntwood Works, one of the largest property providers in the UK, were looking to make their empty office space stand out to potential renters. Following the events of the last 18 months, more companies have moved their workforce to home working. This has resulted in more empty offices so making your space as appealing as possible is more important than ever.

The Solution

With this challenge in mind, Manchester-based printer Astra Signs, decided to use Contra Vision Campaign White on Black in 40% transparency. This is an ideal application for a product from our campaign range as these products are intended for short term campaigns which advertising a unit for leasing would ideally be.

Installing graphics on the windows of empty office units are one of the ways to entice potential customers to view available spaces but solid vinyl graphics would make it dark inside the unit. This prevents visitors from seeing the space in natural light. This is where Contra Vision perforated window film comes in, this gives the opportunity for a printed image from the outside while letting in natural light and providing a view-through from the inside.

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