Architectural Pods for Cheltenham Festival

CLIENTRemote Possibilities
MATERIAL USEDCampaign White on Black

Cheltenham is home to the Cheltenham Festival, in other words, one of the biggest fixtures in the English horse-racing calendar.

The Challenge

The Jockey Club and Cheltenham Borough Council needed to provide ticket sales box-offices near Cheltenham Station in addition to the town’s high street. They intended to promote Cheltenham Festival while selling tickets to passing pedestrians.

Remote Possibilities is a specialist in portable architectural pods, which can be transported to site to fulfil a need for a range of applications. These pods were perfect for promotional graphics for the festival.

Pods appearing out of the blue are conspicuous things but, to ensure the festival got its fair share of the promotional bandwidth and celebrity, they needed to be branded with the festival’s promotional content. This transformed the modern architecture into stand-out temporary advertising structures.

The Solution

Given the short-term nature of the promotion and need for the highest quality print, Campaign White on Black perforated window film was specified for the project. Once applied to the Pods’ glazing, the product delivered a practically uninterrupted view to the outside. Those on the outside couldn’t fail to see the decorative window film promoting the festival from any vantage point in the locality.

The chosen product, Campaign White on Black in 30% transparency, features a special adhesive. This made application of the printed promotional advertisements simple enough for Remote Possibilities’ staff to undertake. Removing the self-adhesive window film is a simple undertaking too – all that remains is a positive impression of the promotion, and not a trace of adhesive.

Specification and Printing by Bigger Printing.

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