7 years of Callaway Golf | Entrance Graphics

CLIENTCallaway Golf
LOCATIONCallaway Golf, European HQ, Chessington
MATERIAL USEDPerformance White on Black

The Contra Vision team love to see the product being continually used for new window graphics at the same location. Total Print Solutions is one of many customers who have continued to use our perforated window film for the same site.

The installation we’re focusing on today is the Callaway Golf project. The first window film installation they did took place in March 2015 and they used Contra Vision® Performance™ White on Black promoted the launch of their new “Callaway XR Range”.

Callaway Golf’s European Headquarters, which is in Chessington, England, features a large entrance window which the company identified as a fantastic way to promote key events and new product launches.

The Challenge

As with each installation in the past, it is important for the company that having window graphics on the entrance of the building would alter the inside of the building as little as possible. Therefore,  Performance White on Black in 20% transparency was the ideal solution for this site.

By using Contra Vision® perforated window film, the glass is transformed into a canvas for promotional graphics that are vibrant externally while still allowing for natural light to enter the premises and the view-out to be maintained.

When using our material, we promise that your installation will be trouble-free. As the graphics were being applied to the main entrance of the building, the window film installation had to be done quickly and efficiently to allow staff and customers to enter.

The Solution

At Contra Vision, we continue to innovate and develop our products to ensure they are the most effective on the market, not just in terms of the finished application but across the full project life cycle. An extensive product range ensures that designers can choose the optimum product for the result they want to achieve, printers are confident in the performance of the material and that window film installation and removal is trouble-free.

Kevin Willis, Managing Director at Total Print Solutions said, “From our experience Contra Vision® is extremely adaptable and effective to apply regardless of weather conditions allowing us to install efficiently all year round.”

When asked why they had chosen a 20% transparency over other transparencies, Kevin responded “A great deal of consideration was taken when selecting which Contra Vision® perforated window film to choose while working closely with the client to ensure all of their requirements were met. We had to balance optimizing a strong visual impact to be clearly seen from the adjacent commuter road, while maintaining the open environment of the internal reception area.”