Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, UK


The Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff were hosting the 2018 Festival of Voice and wanted to ensure the event was effectively promoted during the 10-day duration of the festival. 

The Solution

Campaign White on Black  was chosen by the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, UK, to promote the Festival of Voice 2018.

The temporary installation was in place over the 10-day duration of the festival and it was essential that both the application and removal of the film was quick, simple and trouble-free.

One of the many features of the Contra Vision® Campaign range, is that it uses the same specialist adhesive used in the Contra Vision® Performance™ range. This creates a secure bond to the glazing within a few hours, ensuring a flawless installation.

A key benefit is experienced once it’s time to remove the graphics. Ease of removal is sometimes taken for granted when products are initially specified, and this can prove a costly mistake. However, with Contra Vision’s Campaign range the clear adhesive remains securely on the material leaving a pristine surface underneath, with no residue. This means, once removed, the glass is ready for the next application. This dramatically reduces both the time taken between graphic changeovers, as well as the associated costs. 

The graphics were designed and printed by Semaphore in Cardiff, UK. They extended around the front of the expansive fascia at ground level to the left and right, as well as across the 60m (180 feet) wide upper section of glazing above the entrance way. 

The high level graphics ensure views into the foyer area of the centre are maintained, while a clear, uninterrupted view out is made possible across all areas of glazing by the benefits of the 30% (70/30) transparency material. Despite being in shade of the external canopy, the graphics are vibrant and clearly visible from the outside.

The Festival of Voice was a well attended success for Cardiff and those involved in the application of the impressive Contra Vision graphics are still singing the material’s praises.