Jenny Jones for The Venice Art Biennale, Venice, Italy 

The Opportunity

The Venice Art Biennale is a contemporary visual art exhibition held biennially and is the original art biennale on which others in the world have been modelled. The creation of innovative and original works is paramount.

The Solution

At this year’s event an installation by Jenny Jones, wowed the art world by her intriguing visual illusion, created using Performance White on Black.

Her ingenious use of this amazing product consisted of covering three windows within the exhibition space with Contra Vision Perforated Window Film. This allowed vision out (giving a tinted appearance to the window) and additional white vinyl lines applied inside, created a map of the Venice canal system.

However, on the outside of the window, a view of the Rialto bridge and part of the canal was printed onto the film, creating a solid image appearance.

A series of mirrors allowed exhibition visitors to see through the window and view the printed image from the outside. This illusion created intrigue as to how a view of the Rialto could be seen from this vantage point.

From inside, visitors could only see through to the dark external courtyard walls, but when looking through the mirrors they were presented with a completely different view - one of light, space and the beauty of Venice.

Contra Vision Perforated Film, never fails to amaze and delight the public with how its magical qualities create visual illusions, but this installation utilised the product in a way never seen before.  

Printed by Insite Graphics, The Spaces Between is a notable installation and it resonates strongly with the Contra Vision brand.

Our Invention, Your Vision.