Canada House, Canadian High Commission, London


The Embassy Communications Team at Canada House were asked to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation with an eye-catching installation promoting the event at the UK High Commission Office, Canada House. 

Canadian Confederation (Confédération Canadienne) was the process by which the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into one Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867.  Canada Day is a key celebration and a national holiday that marks the birth of Canada and the constitutional values this reflects. As 2017 is a momentous birthday, there is significantly more build-up to this year’s historic event so any promotional material applied to the building façade would be on display at the Canadian High Commission for several months.

The High Commission has large windows and occupies a commanding position on the edge of Trafalgar Square, one of London’s most visited tourist attractions and among the city’s busiest road junctions. 


The communications team had three key objectives in selecting the best approach to this application: first, to commemorate the anniversary’s date, second to promote the anniversary toward London’s international audience in an engaging way and finally to protect the internal working environment at the High Commission from any disruption or interference caused by the communications campaign. 

The communications team decided to use Contra Vision® perforated windowe films because the high impact graphics applied to the windows needed to be visible from the outside and as unobtrusive as possible from the inside. Many of the High Commission’s formal rooms face onto Trafalgar Square and have a valuable view that the communications team wanted to maintain.

The task of printing the Contra Vision® graphics for the High Commission fell to Somerset based With Print. No stranger to high quality print, With Print is among the region’s best equipped and creative design-led print producers and the company has an impressive clientele.  

When looking for the right material, With Print, in Somerset, felt that by selecting Campaign White on Black in 30% transparency the graphics would transform the windows in a highly visible and engaging way. The material has a proven record and is known to work well with the hardware With Print would use to produce the print. 

Internally, the unique characteristics of Contra Vision® meant there would be no negative impact of the graphics or impediments to the valuable view out to Trafalgar Square. Once the celebrations are complete the Contra Vision® material would remove cleanly and easily.