Tabegamisama - The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God, Culinary Event (28th January – 21st May 2017), Japan


Tabegamisama is a restaurant-style culinary experience centred around Washoku (Japanese cuisine). Washoku was included on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013 – a privilege formerly reserved for French cuisine and is fast becoming the food of choice for notable Michelin chefs around the world.

The designers were looking for a material that would showcase their digital images in an ethereal way, creating a mystical experience that reflected the story behind the food being produced. 

The Solution

Performance Translucent White in 30% transparency was utilised to provide a light seamless backdrop to reflect the stunning projection mapping produced by The Moment Factory. The visitor’s experience needed to have an air of mystery and delight. Contra Vision’s unique capabilities to be seen from one side and not the other delivered this perfectly. The event will attract visitors from around the world who are all hoping to sample and understand more about Washoku.

At its essence Washoku is a social practice based on a set of skills, knowledge, rituals and traditions related to the production, processing, preparation and consumption of food. It is associated with an essential spirit of respect for nature that is closely related to the sustainable use of natural resources.

Events like Tabegamisama showcase the art of Japanese cooking and the integrity of the ingredients involved to fan international audience. Chef and food writer Valentine Warner is another fan: "Everything they do with food is sincere and considered," he says "I think it's going to replace Scandinavian cooking as the next in food." This is an approach to food that takes provenance and quality to a whole new level.

The whole event is set to be a treat for all the senses and the stunning imagery is taking social media by storm. Visitors to the exhibition based in Nihombashi, a business district of Chūō, Tokyo, Japan can enjoy the unique experience created by the fusion of digital art and Japanese food.

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