The Client

Foster + Partners, New York

The Opportunity

The 42-storey luxury residential tower occupies a prestigious location within the green setting of United Nations Plaza, with views of the UN Headquarters building, the river and the New York skyline. This project is Foster + Partner’s first apartment building in the city, one of New York’s first “green” towers - more than half of the exterior is solid, the rest made up of highly insulated glazing using Contra Vision® XR™ Printed Interlayer. Its construction will incorporate recycled materials and its environmental impact will be further reduced by using recycled water for irrigation.

The Solution

The flexibility of Contra Vision® Laminated Glass™ helped the designers to specify a product which offers many benefits to the overall performance and look of the building.

Insulating glass units comprising Contra Vision® Laminated Glass™ with low emissivity glass reduces solar heat gain, sound and UV radiation as well as providing safety.

“The tower’s jewel-like quality is further enhanced by reflective panels, which run vertically between each of the curved bays.” Foster + Partners

Using Contra Vision® Laminated Glass™ with gold metallic inks allowed architects to achieve a glass unit with the required gold appearance from outside and provides the occupants of the apartments an uninterrupted view of stunning downtown Manhattan.


Contra Vision® XR™ Printed Interlayer supplied by Imaging Sciences