The Client

The Salvation Army, Bristol

The Opportunity

The team behind the re-building of the Salvation Army church and community centre in Bristol wanted to make the most of the feature glass window by adding a graphic design,  visible day or night.

All Signs, Bristol were brought in to deliver a suitable application and ensure an effective result. The brief looked to replicate the effect of stained glass with vibrant colours and a symbolic design.  Lighting was a key consideration as the large meeting room behind the window graphics needed to maintain as much natural daylight as possible.

The Solution

The material chosen was Performance Translucent White in 20% transparency. The translucent white material allowed the daylight to stream into the building during the day and for the internal lighting to backlight the graphics in the evening. “We worked hard with the client both prior and after the installation adding and removing light sources to ensure the lighting both internally and externally was exact to optimise the product to its full capacity.” Commented Kevin Willis, Business Development Manager, All Signs.

The team also needed to ensure that the graphics were as brightly lit and engaging as possible at night without adding to the running costs of the centre. Performance Translucent White harnesses the existing light inside the building to illuminate the graphics and create a beacon of light that can be seen from a distance.

It is always important to get the feedback from the client and Major Ian Mountford, on behalf of The Salvation Army commented:

“The contra vision looks great in the day and very good in the evening too. In this respect it loses some of its vibrancy in the evening externally, but never the less does convey the effect we wanted, so it does work and it was definitely right choice. Thanks again for your help and support with this.”

The end result is a stunning addition to the new building that will provide a beacon of light in the heart of the community.