Printers and Clients


Printers often struggle to get their clients to sign off sample images, printed onto perforated window films, as the white or clear liner visible through the holes can make the image appear washed out. The washed out appearance also makes it difficult to match Pantone References and to get an accurate idea of how the design will look once applied to a glass surface.


Contra Vision developed an new improved liner that addressed these issues. The majority of Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films now feature Contra Vision® Grayliner™, a major patented improvement to perforated window films. These window films come with a grey coloured liner instead of the traditional white or clear varieties. The grey colour visible through the perforated holes gives a more accurate representation of how the printed image will look on a window.

It avoids the “washed out” appearance of prints on a white liner and deters the use of excessive, wasteful amounts of ink that can damage the performance of perforated window films. It also helps to showcase the printed image in the best possible way, increasing the likelihood that test prints are accepted and reducing the likelihood that final prints are rejected prior to installation.