The Client

APN Outdoorthe largest outdoor advertising space operator in Australia.

The Opportunity

Transit window graphics in Australia, which include buses and trams, all use perforated window films to maximise advertising opportunities. The use of perforated vinyl increases the area of a vehicle that can carry advertising, enabling larger sized messages to cover both solid body work and windows. This is gaining in importance because of the increased area of windows on modern buses. 

However, there are challenges. Materials must be able to cope with extremes of weather conditions from sub-zero to temperatures as high as 40°C/100°F depending on the location. Both the outdoor advertising space operator and transport operators need materials that can be efficiently applied, reliably stay in place for the duration of a campaign then cleanly removed when required. 

The Solution

All of Contra Vision’s products approved by the outdoor advertising space operator perform consistently from print to removal, whatever the environment. Performance White on Black perforated window films have been selected by the largest outdoor space advertisers in Australia as the best product to satisfy these varied requirements. The products are used without an overlaminate, reducing costs and giving the clearest through vision for passengers. The liner is branded so installers can verify they are using a specified product.

Chris Elliot, General Manager Campaign Delivery at APN Outdoor, the largest outdoor advertising space operator in Australia, commented, “Using perforated window film as part of a transit campaign enables us to offer more impactful packages and increase the value generated per transit asset. Selecting the Contra Vision® brand provides a great solution for our perforated window film requirements. The printers find it easy to work with, and the prints look fantastic. Our Installers find it easy to apply and, importantly, it removes quickly and cleanly at the end of the campaign. Overall, it gives us a trouble-free, highquality and economic solution enabling us to successfully and profitably maximise advertising spend from our transit assets."