JCDecaux, North America


JCDecaux, North America, owns the advertising space on a significant share of the street furniture market in the USA particularly high profile sites in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. The location of the sites in these major cities makes them a very attractive proposition for advertisers and JCDecaux identified the opportunity of wrapping the whole of a bus shelter, which would offer a more dynamic impact to a campaign. The advantages to the advertiser were easy to see but consideration also had to be given to pedestrian safety.  Therefore, a see-through, one-way vision material that was durable enough to survive the challenges of Out Of Home (OOH) environments was sought.


To enable this extended advertising format, JCDecaux chose Performance White on Black in 20% transparency as it provides optimum image strength and impact from the front while the visibility and safety of passengers and pedestrians is protected from the back. This is only possible due to the unique see-through properties of one-way material.  Performance White on Black is available in a range of transparencies so the team at JCDecaux was able to test and select the optimum material for this particular application.

A new campaign from Miller Lite in Chicago, Illinois, demonstrates how bold graphics can be utilised to communicate an advertisement to the wider public within the view of the bus shelter, as well as extending the message of the more detailed promotion featured on the standard 6 sheet panels at the end of the shelter. The combination of the traditional panel and the extended graphics makes the advertisements more effective and the format is proving successful with advertisers.

The ease with which the material can be applied and cleanly removed is making it popular with installers and OOH companies too. We look forward to seeing how the creative teams designing the advertising campaigns continue to utilise and take advantage of this format with the innovative benefits of Contra Vision® perforated window film.