The Client

WRc PLC Annual Innovation Day

The Opportunity

WRc is an independent Centre of Excellence for innovation and operates across different sectors including Water, Environment, Gas and Waste and Resources. They are established innovation leaders who discover and deliver new and exciting solutions underpinned by their technical expertise. WRc hosts an annual Innovation Day which is their premier event and well-known in the industry. In April 2016, WRc held its 5th Innovation Day and the theme for this event was “Sharing Knowledge for a Changing World” which explored how the business world needs to adapt to changing forms of communication and behaviour and advances in technology.

WRc’s event management partner, Corporate Events, developed a concept to provide a “Wow Factor” for the delegates attending WRc’s 2016 Innovation Day. As part of the concept, an extreme makeover of the exterior of the building, with the application of took place which supported the event theme and the fundamental elements of the WRc vision. With the concept approved, Corporate Events turned to iDeal Displays to create and install striking graphics.  

The Solution

As part of a combined effort, iDeal Displays worked with Corporate Events’ Project Manager to produce over 400 metres of print for both the exterior and interior. WRc’s offices presented a unique challenge due to the architectural design and the fact that they are constructed predominantly from glass. Corporate Events wanted something that would provide visible impact but also allow natural light into the workspace.  The graphics Performance White on Black in 30% transparency. The unique one-way characteristics of Contra Vision® provides the optimum balance between vibrancy of image, see-through vision and privacy.

Watch the installation take shape

Teams from both businesses worked together to install the graphics to 87 exterior windows. Factors such as scale, the weather and grassy areas meant this installation phase took place over a week and involved the use of trackway and high reach plant equipment.
The Contra Vision® will stay on the building for up to two years.