The Client

Toronto Pearson Airport, Toronto, Canada

The Opportunity

Earlier this year ICON Digital Productions Inc. was approached by The Greater Toronto Airport Authority and its design agency Juniper Park / TBWA and briefed to produce and install graphics supporting the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

The plan was to cover the exterior windows at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1. It was a challenging application involving the use of high-access equipment and a particularly demanding weather window imposing a tight deadline.

The Solution

Having installed window graphics at the site before, a two-week installation timeline was judged to be sensible but critically dependent upon weather. Lighting too was a consideration. The applied graphics had to deliver the impact the occasion demanded but still admit light supporting a comfortable environment in the terminal interior. ICON’s design team turned to Contra Vision® perforated window film for the job.

With over 300 panels involved, a crucial consideration was consistency in print. Panel-to-panel colour matches required that the ICON team coordinated quality within the production department and then submitted approved production output for delivery to site in the order it would be applied by the installation team.

The process worked flawlessly.

ICON’s team installed the graphics in five days, considerably less than the time budgeted for the job. The client is delighted with the results, and with the time-line improvement too.

The team worked with Campaign White on Black in 30% transparency given the need for high print quality and shorter-term durability. Supplied by ND Graphics, Contra Vision’s Canadian distributor, the product delivered great results. The product’s easy handling and application characteristics also justified its selection for the commemorative graphics.

What goes up must eventually come down and, in the case of graphics wrapping a busy international airport, it must come down easily and cleanly. Contra Vision® Campaign™ does. It features a specialised adhesive that while building to a sufficient bond to provide reliable adhesion, will remove intact when needed.

ICON was praised for its work at Pearson International and was proud to see its work contributing to  such a high profile project celebrating a momentous milestone in Canada’s history that will be televised around the world.