The Client

The Modern, Fort Lee, New Jersey

The Opportunity

The Modern is a forty seven story shimmering glass residential development situated in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The complex, which will eventually gain a second tower, has extensive views to the best known skyline in the world and offers its residents direct access to the western approach of the George Washington Bridge and easy connections to the NY Subway system. The agents wanted to harness the impact and scale of the building's location to promote the space within.

The Solution

Being visible to anyone making a journey across the GWB, The Modern did much to promote its presence as it was springing out of the long vacant land on which it’s built. The developers’ agents decided to further exploit the building’s enviable location by commissioning and installing a massive advertisement applied to the glazing of the tower’s bridge-facing elevation announcing the development’s availability.

With “views” being among the most marketable features on the development’s long list of attractions, anything done in the name of the views’ promotion had also to maintain them for those inside the building. Contra Vision® perforated window film was suggested, auditioned and specified. The job of producing and installing the advertisement was won by NYC based Beyond Printing.

For an advertisement to deliver any impact at skyline scale, it has to be big and elevated. Beyond Printing’s work at The Modern is. It measures some sixty feet high and a hundred and sixty feet wide. Produced in forty seven, sixty foot drops and applied at height, the advertisement promotes the building brilliantly and it says much about the printing and installation skills of the team at Beyond Printing too.

Performance White on Black was used for the project. The product features Contra Vision® Grayliner™ and so it was possible for the team at Beyond Printing to perform an accurate assessment of print quality straight off its HP Latex printer before installation. The fifty percent transparency version of Performance White on Black was chosen delivering the required balance of image impact and see-through quality anticipated during the advertisement’s design.

A critical consideration when applying pressure-sensitive adhesive materials to structures requiring complex and expensive access measures is that the product both adheres reliably, and removes cleanly. Performance White on Black does just that and the team at Beyond Printing confirmed that this was a factor in the decision to use it.

Anyone crossing the river into New Jersey now will see the The Modern, and be in no doubt that it’s open for business. As all those who chose to go and see if they’d like to set up home at The Modern will see, this building has one of the most dramatic views in the world - unimpeded by one of its most conspicuous advertisements.