The Client

The Creative Place

The Opportunity

Ensuring that graphics are visible is the first priority for any promotional campaign. However, during the hours of darkness, traditional white on black see-through graphics suffer from ‘burn-through’ making this basic requirement a real challenge. As the light outside fades, the light-ratio changes and the lights inside a building can reduce or even eliminate the impact of the graphics altogether, particularly if there is inadequate or no external illumination.

Fortunately, Contra Vision has developed a product that works effectively in a backlit environment ensuring the graphics on internally lit buildings remain visible day and night.

As an example, the television series “The Voice” relied heavily on window graphics particularly as they are featured during the TV broadcast. The design agency responsible, The Creative Place, contacted Contra Vision as the material they chose for the first series lacked the required impact.

The Solution

The installation was particularly challenging as the building has such strong internal lighting. As soon as the light outside started to fade so did the graphics. We advised the agency that to combat the light and really make the graphics ‘pop’, Performance Translucent White would be the best option as the translucent white material creates a backlit effect.

The benefit of choosing the right product is obvious as these images demonstrate; Performance Translucent White really does make the difference.