Retail Other | Sneeze Guard

Application Overview

Contra Vision perforated window films can be used to help communicate important safety messages where ‘sneeze guards’ (sometimes called spit guards or hygiene screens) are being used.

As well as communicating safety information, customers can be encouraged to stand in the ideal spot at center of the sneeze guard if there are graphics to the sides and the employee will have good vision out across the whole of the sneeze guard area.

Many products from the Contra Vision range can be used in this application; different transparencies depending on how much privacy and image impact is required, and our HD (high definition) product if the message carries fine detail or uses smaller text sizes. The use of Contra Vision optically clear overlaminate is suggested to enable effective cleaning.

Contra Vision products can also be used to display safety information on other surfaces, for example at the entrance to a building. Using Contra Vision products on glass doors not only displays information at a key location, but also enables a person leaving a building to see where people outside are standing and avoid accidents.