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One-way Window Privacy

Contra Vision® Window Films™ are an attractive and clever way to hide the view into rooms without the need for blinds or curtains during the daytime.

The one-way vision from inside the building is excellent and natural light is allowed into the room. Unlike traditional reflective one-way films, Contra Vision products continue to allow a view outside even at night time.

Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films also help reduce solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation inside buildings. They turn windows into privacy glass without the high expense.

The films appear mat white on the outside of buildings with versions which can be applied to either the inside or the outside of windows. It is also possible to print the films with one-way vision graphics which are only visible from the outside. Our guide to privacy window films provides a helpful explanation of the product options and which is best in each situation.

Unprinted ready to install privacy window films

A plain white Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film is a discreet way to shield the view into your home or office. Many people prefer the look compared with reflective mirrored films. The view from inside is excellent both day and night.

Contra Vision also offers a range of other privacy window films which are ready to install. Please visit our product page for further information or go directly to our shop.

Printed window films for decoration, branding and advertising

Contra Vision products can also be printed with colourful signs and decoration which can only be seen from one side of the glass. The printed films can be applied to windows, doors or internal partitions to add colour, branding, advertising, privacy and solar control.

Kings College London (see photos above) wanted to promote their brand and illustrious alumni on a busy street, without losing the valuable daylight in the study rooms behind. Inside the students and workers benefit from privacy without having to use blinds to block out the street.

Contra Vision offers a wide range of window films for printing graphics in different transparencies, options for inside window application and for back lighting at night. We can also help to specify products to help get the results and to find a printer.