Silverstone Wing

Glass Signage and Wayfinding

Contra Vision® stickers/decals are a clever and attractive way to utilise glass for signage and wayfinding. The one-way vision characteristics enable a message to be visible from one side of the glass but not the other, which remains see-through.

The opportunity:

  • We recommend non-perforated window films for quality and a great looking design feature. 
  • Printed line patterns are an excellent way to display text and messages in the form of see-through graphics.
  • The level of see-through can be varied to get the optimum balance of image strength and see-through from inside.
  • Signs can be produced for either inside or outside window application.
  • Option to print areas of solid graphics (selective blocking) to incorporate small font lettering, QR codes etc.
  • Add a second graphic to the reverse side of the film which is also one-way vision.


Contra Vision® Window Wraps

Glass curtain walling on corporate buildings is a great opportunity to display signs and branding. The signs are applied as a window film which can be applied to either the inside or the outside of the window.

Contra Vision® Window Posters

One-way vision window posters can be used for temporary or repeating promotions without blocking the view from inside. They also appear of a higher quality than paper-based posters.

One-way Vision Wayfinding Signs

Contra Vision’s Vision Management System includes products and technologies which let you promote a different message or design either side of a glazed door without obscuring through vision.