Contra Vision Partitions 18

Glass Manifestation

Large expanses of clear glass can be difficult to notice making them a safety risk. Glass manifestation with Contra Vision® helps to make the glass more visible to people and avoid accidents.

The opportunity:

  • Prevent nasty accidents from happening in the workplace and at home.
  • Introduce decorative features which add colour and style.
  • Maintain the see-through of glass from one or both sides


Glass manifestation on doors and windows

Building regulations state that glass manifestation should be applied at critical locations and provide sufficient contrast between the glass and the background.

Glass manifestation to reduce bird collisions

Glass manifestation on the outside of buildings can help reduce the number of bird collisions with glass, which is a major killer of birds.

Contra Vision® desk dividers

Glass desk dividers allow natural light into workspaces. Contra Vision® products add decoration and manifestation.