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Vehicle Wraps

Contra Vision® enables vehicle advertising to extend onto the side and rear windows of buses, cars, vans, taxis, trams and trains of all shapes and sizes and in all climates. Vehicle and bus wraps attract the eyes of everyone on the street and offer tremendous creative flexibility to advertisers. This helps to achieve high recall and response levels from consumers and audiences.

The opportunity:

  • transform a bus, car or commercial vehicle into a highly impactful promotion for your business or brand
  • cost effective advertising which stands out from the crowd, reaching audiences across different locations on a daily and repeat basis
  • passengers retain their ability to see through from the inside. They also welcome the comfort it brings from privacy, shading, and reductions in solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation
  • fleet owners including bus companies benefit from an additional revenue stream and reduced vandalism and “window tagging” inside buses
  • easy installation and removal due to our advanced adhesives and high performance substrates
  • our perforated window films do not require a laminated coating in many climates, which saves money

Our experience and expertise in see-through graphics on buses are unmatched. We created the first ever bus-wrap in 1991, making Contra Vision the original and number brand for vehicle window wrapping.

Full Vehicle Wrap

A full vehicle wrap covers the entire exterior of the vehicle on at least one side. This format achieves the highest penetration among passers-by in urban settings, creating an eye-catching medium with a lasting impact.

A 40% transparency (outside application) perforated window film will typically achieve the optimum balance of creative impact on the outside and the best view out for passengers from the inside. We recommend no overlaminate in areas without high rainfall.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

A more flexible and popular option is an advertisement which only covers part of the vehicle as this can still be striking and is more cost effective.

Rear/Back Windows

Rear windows are visible to pedestrians on both sides of the street as well as vehicle drivers and passengers. See-through performance is often less critical so advertisers can achieve a stronger image with a lower transparency product.