NIKE Jumpman WB 30 US 1

Out of Home Advertising

Any large area of windows or glass can be transformed into lucrative and impactful outdoor adverting space with Contra Vision. From transport hubs such as airports and train stations to sports stadia and offices.

The opportunity:

  • unlock the advertising value of many different building spaces and environments
  • create an eye-catching and audience-absorbing display
  • see-through visibility and access to daylight is maintained for people on the other side
  • adverts can be applied to the inside or outside of windows to minimise damage and exposure to the elements


Public Buildings and Spaces

Modern building design, with entrances and walkways which are often constructed from glass, provides new advertising opportunities for see-through graphics products. Airports are a huge growth area for advertising along with other types of transport hub. Sports stadia also offer many opportunities such as advertising on the glass surrounding corporate boxes.

Typically a 30% transparency will deliver the optimum balance of creative impact on the outside and the best see-through from the reverse. 

We recommend Performance Translucent White if you require both a daytime image and a backlit image at night.

Street Furniture

Payphones and bus stops also provide an opportunity for OOH advertising on the street. Street furniture advertising enables advertisers to connect with consumers on an intimate, face-to-face level. Often the proximity of sites is close to retail outlets.