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Advertising and Branding

Contra Vision® products transform windows and glass into valuable advertising and branding space without blocking the see-through from the other side. There is a huge range of potential locations (applications) for Contra Vision in retail environments, transport hubs, on vehicle fleets and building wraps. With our invention and your vision the creative possibilities are limitless.

Contra Vision® has enabled advertising on windows since our first invention of over 30 years ago. We created the world's first "total bus wrap" in 1991 which revolutionised the way outdoor vehicles were used in advertising campaigns. We have continued to deliver interesting and compelling advertising and branding applications from building wraps to point of purchase. In an increasingly viral market, Contra Vision® is reassuringly visible.

  • Communicate promotional messages without compromising the internal environment.
  • Harness your location and proximity to target potential customers

We are constantly amazed by the innovative and imaginative ways in which designers transform glass into memorable and effective advertising campaigns using Contra Vision. We have counted over 400 different applications for Contra Vision and are happy to share our experience and to help survey the opportunities which are available to you.

Contra Vision offers a wide range of window films for printing graphics in different transparencies, options for inside window application and for back lighting at night. We can also help to specify products to help get the results and to find a printer.


Retail Window Advertising

There is an enormous opportunity to use see-through graphics in retail for branding and point of sale (POS) promotions on everything from entrance doors, windows, glass partitions to lift shafts and even chiller cabinet doors.

Vehicle Wraps

Contra Vision® made it possible for advertisers to wrap the windows of cars, vans and buses in many creative ways. The options increase the impact capability of advertising on vehicles regardless of their size, turning buses into large moving billboards on busy highstreets, offering hugely valuable out of home (OOH) advertising space.

Contra Vision is also used for vehicle branding including our Brandvisor product for construction vehicles.

Building Wraps

Contra Vision® transforms buildings, including windows, into huge advertising spaces which dominate the skyline. On the smaller scale, the office windows above storefronts can be used to extend the brand of retailers, banks etc. It is also possible to cover windows in plain white on one-way vision film to act as a canvas for compelling video projection mapping at night.